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onsdag 24 mars 2010

The things you can do with a wizard . . .

Now I have started to get a feeling for SPARQL but do you have one?
Well I do not want to force anyone to learn new languages all the time therefor I began to develop a wizard. This wizard is far from done but it do mange some functions at the moment which is really cool. As you write an id or keyword SPARQL queries against http://rdf.farmbio.uu.se/chembl/snorql/ is on the go returning the values to the wizard. If you change your search the old data will be deleted and the new one displayed.

A search may now be done with keywords, SMILES or chebi id to find information about compounds. This search will expand as I implement biological networking to other knowledge bases(http://chebi.bio2rdf.org/sparql as an example).
If the checkbox for target is check a search with proteins id's, keywords, ec-number etc will take place instead.
As you write the table will fill up with various data depending on what you search on.

The upper picture searches for targets that have some connection to sodium channels. The bottom picture search for a chebi id from a SMILES. Unfortunately I don't know yet how to distinguish between strings written in the box so the line have to end with a # at the moment. Working on solving that...
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